Compiling plugins for M1 on an (older) Inter Mac


One of my personal plugin is not compiled for M1 yet. I use the good old command line to compile and I cannot find an up-to-date CMake file that would give me the right flags… I used the great simple one from GitHub - supercollider/example-plugins: **This project is deprecated!** See instead. but it is flagged as deprecated and I cannot find the info in the cookiecutter repo - and I certainly don’t want to install cookiecutter just for that!

Any pointer to a simple, straightforward CMake incantation to compile a simple server plug?


Just because it is deprecated does not mean that it does not work :slight_smile: Have you actually tried it?


I did compile on i9 and it works, but not on M1.

I’ve read this thread which has been added to yesterday, and I haven’t tried

so I’ll try that and check file to see if it is fat now.

ok it worked - I’ll wait for the person who requested it here to let me know if it actually works :slight_smile: