"convert" trig to \dur

hey, can these triggers be “converted” into Pattern expressions for \dur?

trig = Impulse.ar(12 * (1 + (LFNoise2.kr(20 ! 2) * 0.5)));

trig = Impulse.ar(LFNoise2.kr(1).linexp(-1, 1, 1, 100));

I would like to use them via Pbind to have all the control structures in the Patterns and not in the Synthdef. thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @dietcv ,
try to have a look at these.

  1. General tutorials: “Event patterns and LFOs” contains an overview of
    related LFO-control setups with event patterns. “Event patterns and Functions”
    GitHub - dkmayer/miSCellaneous_lib: SuperCollider extensions and tutorials: patterns, fx sequencing, granulation, demand rate controlled (half) wavesets, wave folding, sieves, combined lang and server gui control, live coding, single sample feedback, ordinary differential equation audification, generalized functional iteration synthesis.

hey thanks alot :slight_smile: .i know the tutorial and already figured out a way to deal with ctrlEnvs for modulating Synthdef parameters in a Pattern context see ctrlEnv merge Event \type but not with these modulating multichannel triggers from Impulse.ar.