Creating sounds and a book


I am sorry for probably abusing this community for asking something that is only tangentially (if at all) related to supercollider but people here seem to be knowledgeable, so I try my luck (but feel free to delete it)…

Firstly I am looking for some nice sounds that I can create with sox. I am using a little orange pi for some home automation and I need some sounds to acknowledge certain actions and I thought sox would be a good tool to create them on the fly. Unfortunately my google-fu is not up to finding many examples online…

I am looking for something like

play -n synth pl G2 pl B2 pl D3 pl G3 pl D4 pl G4 delay 0 .05 .1 .15 .2 .25 remix - fade 0 4 .1 norm -1

And this made me realize that I know nothing about sound synthesis in general, so I wanted to ask for some ressources on that and in particular if anybody knows this book:

Is that worth reading and if not what would be?

I don’t know about sox and I have no experience with the book you’ve linked to.

For books related to sound design, you could check out Andy Farnell’s “Designing Sound” which you can digitally borrow on A supercollider version of some of its code examples can be found on wikibooks.

Another learning resource which could serve to pick up some basics is a browser-based tutorial found at

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