Csv collect columns in Dictionary

After importing a csv with

~csvFile = CSVFileReader.read(~dataPath ++ "/zku_noTime.csv", true, true).postcs;

I wanted to collect all values into a dictionary with the headers as keys and corresponding values in Arrays. So I can iterate through columns of corresponding headers. the csv file could only be accessed row by row in my understanding.
I came up with this solution,

~data = ();
var headers = List.new; // prepare lists for later data
    |line, i|
    if (i==0, //headers
        { line.do({
            |k, idx|
             var header = k.toLower.asSymbol; 
            //"the key at index %  is %".format(idx, header).postln;
            ~data.add(header -> List.new); // put headers in order of this iteration
        {// rows with values
              |v, idx|
              //"the value in data row at key %  is %".format(headers[idx], v).postln;
              ~data[headers[idx]].add(v.asFloat); //add data element to corresponding key

I can’t stop wondering if there isn’t a simpler way to do this. like ~csvFile.collectColumns.
Is there?
thank you

Perhaps like this:

var key;
var x = CSVFileReader.read("path")
x = x.flop // Invert rows and columns

key = x[0].removeAt(0);
x[0] // The rest of the column remains in the array

Thank you Jildert,
this is neat.