Ctrl-c , ctrl-v for copyig code never works

This has been bothering me for while now and I hope it’s user error .
Selecting a block of code with mouse dragging , pressing ctrl -c (windows ) the pasted result is never the actual copied data
To get the data I need to right mouse buttong click and select "copy ", then pasting works correctly

One of SCIDE’s menus deals with key combos. You should be able to configure this in there, plus a bunch of other shortcuts, one of which makes selecting code blocks possible with the keyboard.

Does it occur only with SuperCollider? I am using macOS 12.2.1 on an m1 machine, and shortcuts for copy and paste often do not work in some applications, and it seems not only a supercollider-specific problem for me. It works again by rebooting OS when relaunching the software does not resolve the shortcut problem for copying and pasting.