Dark theme eats legending

just toying with the settings and found some text disappears when going for the the dark interface theme.
E.g. 19

Can’t say if that’s all ATM, but that’s the obvious one.

I noticed this the other day. I’ll see if I can upload one with lighter colored text that works in both modes.

Oh, the font’s colour is not part of the theme? That’s peculiar! Thanks, m.

The area where the logo and text is at is just an image. I didn’t see a way to put custom font next to the supercollider logo when I first made the forum. Maybe there’s a way to do that, if not I’ll just lighten it up a bit

ok, now I get it: if it’s just that image I wouldn’t bother, IMHO.
Thanks - m.

if you can hack the css for the dark theme, you could add:

.img {

for the top logo?