DDW* quarks support, please use github for now

FWIW – I’m taking a mental-health break from the forum, most of the time not even reading posts.

I hadn’t wanted to make an “announcement,” but I just noticed that, within a few days after dropping off, there was a specific question about one of my quarks (which actually I had guessed would happen, as an extension of Murphy’s Law). So then what to do…? It’s not good to leave it unsupported, but I don’t wish to reengage here regularly.

So – for ddw* quarks, I would recommend that users file questions on github, as issues. And, if anyone sees a question about a ddw* quark that is going unanswered, feel free to point them to github (because I’m not going to be around to do that).



Take care of yourself and thanks for everything you bring to the community !