Derivitave of bristow johnson window

hey, how can i get the derivative of a buffered signal from my hardrive and store it in a buffer?

the signal is the tail of a Bristow Johnson window, maybe there is even a formula for creating it:


Read it as an array, then…

[3, 4, 1, 1].differentiate

thanks. actually found “some” formula via chatGPT haha
I think the derivative of the tail would then be the second derivative.

	var phase =;
	var bristowJohnson = sin((phase + 0.5) * pi).squared;
	var derivative = sin((phase + 0.5) * pi);// * 2;
	var secondDerivative = cos((phase + 0.5) * pi);// * 2pi;
	[bristowJohnson, derivative, secondDerivative];

EDIT: i think you have to add .neg to the initial formula, compared it with mathplotlib.