Developing New SuperCollider Tutorials


Hmmm, Flossmanuals seems to have entries for csound, chuck and pure data… we’re getting behind :slight_smile:

But mdbook to me looks fine too.


I made something about debugging (pull request). Feel free to have a look and comment.


Thanks! I will look later. I’ve just added some rough stuff to chapter 2. It’s very rough currently.


keep up the good work cian!
just sending you some words of encouragement :):wink:
really appreciate what you’re doing.


@Cian, is it definitelly great idea -for me, I am very interested in a Cookbook.

The only confusing thing ( at least for me) is that there are many ( not a lot) of sc tutorials, often describing the same things, but they differ in some details - which I appreciate a lot. So the thing is to make a good compilation of all these details which I see as important nuances.

here I am adding to discussion tutorials which I like and I think could be interesting for the project. (Some of them I prepared for schelp format - it always good to have it handy, if somebody is interested a could share)
Stelios Manousakis course: -

ixi tutorials:



as a new user I was not allowed to put more as 2 links, so here I continue:

SC BOOK code examples:

Les Hutchins code:


Just noticed this thread.

A couple of years ago Andrea Valle wrote a book in Italian on the basics of Supercollider (and much more) as a sort of in depth introduction. It was then translated and proof read by Marinos Koutsomichalis, Josh Parmenter and myself. Its an excellent book even if a little bit ‘stiff’ due to language usage and the time limits we had. However, if anyone (beginners to intermediate), want a very good solid background tutorial then ask Andrea Valle where you can purchase a copy of his book (both in .pdf and book form last time a heard from Andrea).

Here’s the publishers webpage.


Please check the book by Fitton:


great idea,
where could one sign up to be notified once the tutorials are up and running?