Developing Ugens with VS 2019

Hi :slight_smile:
I’m interested in developing Ugens for SC. I specifically want to create my own Ugens for use with Tidal Cycles.
I have a little bit of understanding on how to program VST3s. I know with the VST framework you can program from within Visual Studio and set the debugger to create a virtual host or to use a DAW as a host for debugging.
Is there a similar workflow for SC Ugens? Or do you have to program with Cmake, compile from within the IDE, in this case Visual Studio, and then load that into the correct directories for SC and then boot SC up and test it?
I also just want to focus on the Windows platform to start. Maybe once I get a handle on programming them for Windows I’d consider investing in a mac mini for mac development (using the Xcode IDE maybe).
Can anyone shed any light on how to set up a workflow for programming and debugging Ugens?

The SuperCollider UGen cookiecutter is a good place to start. This plus Visual Studio Code and the right compiler/tools should get you up and running quickly.

Mads’ tutorial is also a good resource for getting started:

And an added benefit of using the cookie cutter recipe as a starting point is that you can automatically create releases for Linux and macos from your code and so you don’t immediately need a Mac or something, you can just develop on windows and then let GitHub compile and package for the other platforms for you automatically. Pretty cool!