Development Group: server / scsynth / supernova / plugins

Hi all,

This thread is for those interested in issues focussed on DSP functionality and the synthesis engine.


I would like to put together the first meeting for this focus this weekend (July 22nd or 23rd, 2023).

Meeting poll is here -

and I am also MORE than happy to attend and hand this topic off to others as well.


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I don’t have experience contributing. But this is an area of genuine interest for me, so I’ve hit the bell and will keep track of activity here.

I do agree with the sentiment that only those experienced and familiar should be making changes here. But I’m willing to contribute in any minor way that might ease the load for senior devs - docs, writing tests, testing pull requests, etc.

I’m not looking to tax anyone’s time and happy to muddle along and figure things out. Hopefully I can get a sense of the project by consistently paying attention over an extended period of time.

I would like to improve my CPP proficiency and do some bug/maintenance work for scsynth and its plugins.

Sadly I can’t make it this weekend, but what would be the goal of the meeting? Maybe I can write something, participating in an async manner? :slight_smile:

I would like to start by making the development workflow easier for beginners, e.g. by providing a vscode setup-config that allows unified multi-platform development and debugging, and setting up something like pre-commit to make formal things like formatting as easy as possible. I already proposed this once but it was rejected, so I would be interested in how this would be discussed within this group and how it might change the outcome or how the group would address this problem?

Also, wouldn’t GitHub also a place to discuss such things, since it is the place for contributions? At least don’t forget about the people over there, I don’t think I’m the only one who visits scsynth only occasionally :slight_smile:

I am also interested in this topic but my C++ is pretty out of date and I don’t have a whole lot of free time! I filled out the poll but no reason to plan around me.

I too will try to attend mostly to “lurk and learn”!

First of all - I’m excited to see so much response!
Second - the most important part is the interest. The rest can be learned. So I am very glad to see different levels of skill and interest responding. This is very encouraging to me.

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Would love to participate, and my C++ is pretty good, however, I’ve got little time at the moment.

Will there be a summary of the meeting posted anywhere? And if possible could this groups conversations be made public in someway, so that one can follow along from a distance with the intent to join in later?


can’t promise to have time and/or show up this weekend, but I’m very interested in the continued development of scsynth!


I have pretty good knowledge of scsynth and supernova internals, but unfortuntaley I won’t have much time for actual development in the near future. However, if anyone has any questions, don’t hesitate to ping me.

I’m interested in being a part of future development projects. Looking forward to finding ways to contribute!

Hi all - let’s meet at 10AM Pacific Time on Sunday, July 23rd. That is 1PM Eastern, and 6PM London (GMT).
We’ll use Jitsi:

Looking forward to discussing what we want to work on!

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Looking forward to it!

@josh, thanks again for organizing the meeting yesterday. I’m looking forward to helping to contribute in whatever way I can.
Do you or anyone else have any suggestions as to the best way to familiarize one’s self with the scsynth codebase? (Beyond just pulling the code from Git and diving in, of course.) Is there any specific recommended place to start with the code in terms of wrapping one’s head around it?

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Hi all!
Some notes from this last weekends meeting. Thanks to all who attended! We’ll shoot for another one in a couple of weeks:

Matt Kane
David Matthews


Discussions about what we we would want to do to improve scsynth / plugins, etc (development topics)

Scsynth - what can be better?
Query plugins? A better interface for sclang and other clients to reference?
Allocators on the server?

Topics for consideration
Reflection as part of the server interface
Alternate languages (go)
Better split from SC lang
Make it more usable from other languages
PD and Max allows more integration with the outside world

Hosted plugins
PlugData - VST interface for PD
SC as a plugin

Examples of how SC is used to prototype - can we look at these as other examples?
For some synth and hardware projects, in the end, people deploy c++ code for microcontrollers
BUT - their audio processes can be UGens as well and often start off as UGens

Threading - can we make scsynth do this better? Learn from supernova? Improve on either?

There are new zero-overhead vectorization libraries that are better maintained than nova-simd

SuperCollider - invite link


thanks @josh - the invite link above gets me an “invite invalid” page on discord though…SuperCollider

Wilson, Cottle, Collins: The Supercollider Book (MIT Press 2011), Chap.26: “Inside scsynth” by Ross Bencina, p.721-740

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I’d be more than happy to try to help contribute on the server side. Currently, I’m working on a project where we utilize scsynth alongside a custom C++ graphics/data engine. Additionally, I have experience using scsynth in a Raspberry Pi project, which was controlled via OSC.

Apologies for missing the last meeting; I’ll make sure to be attentive and present for the next one.

Best regards,

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Thanks! I do have a copy of that book, so I’ll review that chapter.

I would like to put together the next meeting for this focus this weekend (Aug 26th or 27th, 2023).

Meeting poll is here -

and I am also MORE than happy to attend and hand this topic off to others as well.