Dilla time (microrhythm)

Shifting the timing in microsteps is done in SuperCollider with \timingOffset with the pattern library I assume (works here). I’ve set the default to 1 and can adjust it from -1 to 2.

\timingOffset sets the time offset of the oscmsg to tell the server when it should be handled right? I’m only struggling to get the same timingOffset (default 1) when sending MIDI data from a MIDIOut, I guess that’s expected cause the message is send to a MIDI device, not scsynth, so the timingOffset has no effect here?

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Hi flower

See my post here.

It’s possible, but hasn’t been implemented. I managed to hack this myself, but not in a ‘sunday best’ way. I’d be happy to share the hack with you.

I need to raise a request to get this done properly but I’ve been a bit slack.



That’s interesting.

When those rhythms are rewritten as 6:7, it kind of reminds me of Rafael Reina’s Indian Karnatic rhythms applied to contemporary music. It’s a nice book if you’re into it.