DMX with SC on Mac


I am trying to control lights thanks to Entecc DMX USB PRO Mk2 and the Quark SimpleDMXControl, which seems really cool.

I’ve already tried all the help files, especially those for the class SimpleDMX, but none seems to work.

How is it possible to connect to Entecc Mk2 on Mac M1 - Sonoma 14.2 ?
Has anyone tried DMX on Mac with this interface and could tell me the code needed to connect and to begin ?
Do I need to do something with SerialPort ? Nothing is showed when evaluating:


The array is empty

I’ve also checked with Q Light Controller +, and I can control well the light via this application. But, for my specific needs, I would like to use SuperCollider.

Many thanks If someone can help me,



I’m sorry to hear that things do not work for you as expected. It is very hard to analyse what is going on.
I so far tested the code with

the latter seems to be out EOL at enttec, thus the link to the pdf…

it might be possible that your device appears with a different serial port name that is filtered out by the devicePattern in the example file. You may want to try checking


without defining a devicePattern.

hope this helps

Many thanks for the answer,

I have no longer the Enttec DMX USB Pro MK2 at disposal at the moment.
But I will test it again in April when I have access to it for a second time and let you know.

I had already checked with:

But I had an empty list.

Maybe I have badly installed the FTDI D2XX driver.
But, since the Enttec controller was working with Q Light Controller +, I thought it might be something I have not done correctly within SC.

Will try again when possible.


if the list is empty then this is a problem of supercollider not seeing the hardware devices. you might want to check if supercollider has full disc access granted in system settings.