Do the examples in the NodeEvent help page work at all?

has this non-working example:

g = (id: 2).group;; // ERROR: Message 'defaultGroup' not understood
a = (group: 2).synth;; // FAILURE IN SERVER /s_new Group 2 not found

I see the one further down the page

// define a multiple Group event
g = (id: [2,3,4,5,6], group: 0, addAction: 1).group;; // play it

actually creates those groups, so probably it needs group: 0, i.e. the parent group specified.

However, the following lines also have problmes:

// make a Synth event
b = ( freq: [500,510], group: [2,3]).synth;;

The synths don’t actually get created in those groups:

AFAIK node events are a largely abandoned way of doing things.


I see the documentation on main Event help page says “This is experimental, does not work consistently yet.” about