Do you subclass `Event`?

I’m curious if some of the advanced users here subclass Event in order to get some kind of special functionality for it and still play those events in “the usual manner”, i.e. relying on the built-in Event player. I.e. do you do something like

TTEvent : Event {

	put { |key, value|
		"In TT MY put: % %\n".postf(key, value.cs);
		super.put( key, value );

e =;
p = Pbind (\dur, Pseq([0.3, 0.5], inf)).play(protoEvent: e);

(of course with some more useful subclass than that triviality)?

In 17 years, I don’t remember anybody trying to do this. (Somebody might have, and not posted about it, or I might have forgotten – but it suggests this is not a common practice.)

I’d like to ask a different question.

What is it that you’re trying to accomplish? I mean, the broad goal.

Watching from a distance, I see lots of trips down various rabbit holes, and without some idea of the destination, all anyone can do is react to the questions. They are valid questions, but also scattered over a wide surface area (and perhaps not all of the questions are critical to your eventual use case).

It might be useful to say something about where you want to go – then, people could advise you which roads are likely to get you there more efficiently.