Recreating 1997’s top trance hit with 1997’s top computer music programming language


Any chance of sharing your percussion defs?

Source for this specific patch is on my Patreon. I also have a publicly available drum synthesis tutorial for kicks and snares here:

I haven’t uploaded a part 2 yet because I kinda suck at hats.


Just curious about your specific approach here. I have a nasty snare one I love to use with WAY too many parameters haha. It really ought to just be multiple different synths

These particular drums don’t have much secret sauce, although the hat formula has not yet made it into a public video. Getting them to sound right is just a lot of practice and listening closely to reference tracks.

The sweet spots for drum synthesis are very small. I’ve generally not had much luck with creating general patches for drums with lots of params. If I use params at all I have a velocity and maybe a pitch, that’s it. Your instinct to branch into multiple SynthDefs is probably a good one (but if you’re getting fun results with lots of parameterization that’s fine too).

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Hats are tricky. I usually use additive synthesis with a bit of noise to taste, though I’ve seen people use FM (mostly on YouTube in a “make a hi hat with Ableton Operator” kind of thing)

For hats, stacking up a bunch of FM’d square waves can get pretty metally as a base sound. I usually just go for some approximation of filtered noise + comb, maybe a small amount of distortion and a smidge of very short reverb…but yea depends on whats around them and style of the snare.