Does anyone know who runs the


My password manager keeps annoying me to update my compromised password on But I don’t find any menu for it. Then, I was going to contact the webmaster of the site, but apparently, there’s no information about that.

As a full-stack web developer, I’m interested in contributing those little updates to the site. Is there anyone who knows to whom I should contact?

@vividsnow, shrouded in mystery
thanks for all your efforts, vivid!

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it’s a bit inconvenient, but you may logout and then go to to get password reset link

I have a quick question & without having to make a separate thread;

Is there an official or sort of wget modus operandi for downloading the entire archive of ?

Mad respect @vividsnow

yes, dump of public code (gzipped json) is available via


Great thanks to you, @vividsnow


I’m new to the ‘gzipped json’ version of compressing data sent over the internet… immediately it’s very impressive.

I extract the archive using 7zip to get a JSON source file which is opened with Firefox Developers Edition… effectively viewing the entire archive as list of collapsible brackets revealing the content of each successive post.

It’s a microscopic particle holding a macrocosm… very well done, my only question is, what further step does one need to take in order to render all of the data under the ‘content’ bracket into readable supercollider code?

i.e. how to render out all of the \r \n \t etc.

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you need a proper json parser to decode values

bash example, assuming curl, gunzip and jq are present on a system:

$ curl | gunzip | jq -r '.[0].content'

Excellent… @vividsnow,

Even though this is clearly far more efficient, can you still possibly hint at how to effectively wget every work of published code to… in the form of raw text?

it is possible to download any code via “raw” link, eg:

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