Does SC build with Visual Studio 2019?

I recall the docs only mention VS 2017 (and something about 2015). Does it compile with VS 2019? I need to know which version to install for some Windows builds…

should work fine, if it doesn’t please file an issue!

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I’d go ahead and install VS2019. If it doesn’t work, the VS installer makes it easy to add the older toolset (compiler, etc) and libraries (Windows SDK) from a previous version – at least back to the VS2015 toolset definitely works. (I’m talking in general based on my experience with other projects; I’ve not compiled SC on Windows.)

Yeah, I was able to build it with VS 2019.

But using a newer QT Version might give problems. I tried the newest (QT 5.15) and had a lot of missing references. I am now trying to figure out which is the newest QT version working for the project.

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Qt 5.12.8 worked ok on Lubuntu 20. I haven’t had time to try much else lately, build-wise. (It seems it’s a LTS Qt release, fairly recent–April 2020–but no new features.) Which Qt did you manage to build with on MS Windows?

I was able to build the solution with Qt 5.13 without errors.

I still get an error actually running the built supercollider, but I guess thats probably a problem with my system / setup.

Hi @miriamvoth - Qt 5.15 should work. If you are running into issues could you please share so we can figure out what’s going wrong?

Also, we recently had a PR to fix Qt 5.15 support: Build fixes for Qt 5.15 by marcan · Pull Request #4986 · supercollider/supercollider · GitHub – are you building with that fix?


@VIRTUALDOG - Thanks for pointing that out! I did not see the fix and am building from 3.11 (just wanted to contribute to documentation for a start).
I will try to build it with the fix.

OK, got it! That fix hasn’t yet been moved to the 3.11 branch, but it is in develop if you don’t mind building that instead. You can also cherry-pick the commit yourself as a temporary workaround.

Thanks again!
With VS 2019, QT 5.15 and the develop branch everything builds and runs perfectly.


Great! FYI and for anyone else following along, we also cherry-picked that Qt 5.15 fix on to the 3.11 branch yesterday, so Qt 5.15 + 3.11 branch will build now too.

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