Done action affects all code

One filter envelope is set to done action after 10 sconds , the other envelope lasts 30 with done action set
to 0
THe sound stops after 10 seconds , so done action affects al code
Is this intended behaviour ?

	var a;[100,98])*0.3;

Yes, it’s intended behavior. Because the first done action frees the Synth, the second one is never triggered.

What do you mean the second one is never triggered ( I made a syntax error in the done Action for the second fiter )

These are in the same synth, so once you pause the synth, it is paused. Time has stopped and you will never get to the 30 second action.

I made a small error as well, sorry: the shorter done action in your example pauses the Synth (as opposed to freeing it), but the result is still that the second XLine doesn’t finish and its done action is not triggered.

Btw, you asked exactly the same question a few days ago: Done action Line … and my answer was:

doneAction affects the entire Synth node that it belongs to.

So now you have a clearer idea what that meant.