Don't stop Routine on CmdPeriod

Hi all!
I have a very basic question: is it possibe for a Routine that executes within the SystemClock to not be stopped on CmdPeriod execution? I tried with CmdPeriod.remove(~myRoutine), with no luck.

Ah, this is a bit of a misunderstanding of the semantics of the CmdPeriod class.

CmdPeriod is not the object that stops routines – there’s no procedure whereby any playing routines are added to CmdPeriod to be stopped by CmdPeriod (so you don’t “remove” the things that you don’t want to stop). Rather, it’s that all clocks are emptied upon cmd-. and the routines go down with the clocks.

CmdPeriod is where you add exceptions to the “stop everything” rule.

var myRoutine = Routine { ... }.play(SystemClock);

CmdPeriod.add { };

For persistent threads, see also


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