Drawable Wavetable PlugIn

Hey there,
with this I annonce the drawable wavetable plugin I made for SuperCollider!
Simply draw shapes you want to oscillate or manipulate your controls with.
It’s in beta stage now and needs further bug tests. The help files are not written jet, but its farly easy to use.



left click: draw
right click: add/remove extra points

e: decimation coefficient
mi: mouse interpolation
i: interpolation mode
s: smooth
n: normalize
wav: wave templates
number and arrow buttons: active table
+W: new window
C: copy
P: paste/template(double click)
s and number: samples

.ar(num, freq, mul, add)
.kr(num, time, mul, add, loop, doneAction)

.save(num, path) // see Buffer.write for formats
.load(num, path)

.asBuffer{num, server)
.asEnv(num, time)
.dynBuffer(num) // for a live buffer!
.fromBuffer(buf, num, frames)

Available at my GitHub:


this looks fantastic thanks for sharing!

This looks rather interesting… thanks for your hard work.

Is only the DrawableWavetable class working at the moment?

Upon running FGT() … phantom window flys by night & nothing.

It’s clearly a lot of technical work, it’s admired but also verbose from an outside perspective.

I believe what you may (should) decide to refactor, is the use of explicit pixel values for sizing windows.



could be scaled using:

Windows.screenBounds // .width/.height

Thank you much for the feedback. :smiley:
It’s a great idea to use relative coordinates. I will add it with the next update for sure.

Actually all the stuff at my git is working. Pextra is also intersting as it adds a tab button for a quick make of rhythm patterns for example. Simply assign a Ptab to a local/global variable or put it in a dictionary or list (Pdef unfortunately won’t work jet). Then use the .tab method to program the pattern. Sry for the missing documentation… :confused:

Unfortunately my computer is broken that’s why there is less updates.
But as a little teaser I’m working on a waveshaper effect for the next update.
And interpolation is a bit cheated now. That will be reworked in some future update.

I hope you enjoy the Plug anyways for now. :slight_smile:

It’s dope… if I had unlimited resources etc. and could do one thing with SC, I’d probably emulate Serum.

The issue must be on my end. It’s a strange glitch, I’ve never seen anything like it.

It’s a lot of dsp, and you have cleary have some real talent… if it were me, I would drop the name, change it to ‘GWave’, and use serum as a feature reference… you already have the foundation (of the foundation…) with DrawableWavetable.

Regardless, I like what you do, thanks for doing it.