Drone music made with SuperCollider on Bandcamp Daily

Just saw this. Bandcamp Daily posted an article on Stockholm’s experimental drone scene. I noticed some SuperCollider in there.



What an amazing article!

“Ideologically, the Stockholm scene differs from its international counterparts because of its foundation, which is built on trust and a desire to help one another, rather than competing for global exposure. According to Malone, most of her peers don’t own microphones, monitors, or the instruments they record with; it’s all loaned out by EMS via a trust-based system. Additionally, much of the code that artists create with SuperCollider, a programming language and environment used by many drone musicians in Stockholm, is open source and available for all to use.”

Oh, and bonus praise for female artists representation in the article too!

Thank you for sharing!

Yes, that was very nice to read! I think they should also have mentioned the importance of KMH (The Royal College of Music) as well, since all of these amazing mentioned artists were students there and used it as an important platform. I strongly believe that one of the reasons for Stockholm’s success is that the art academies are part of the society (collabs with EMS, Fylkingen, festivals etc) instead of being a “society” of its own.