Dynamic musical score

I am looking for a way, a third-party application, a trick, a publication, to interactively (in real-time) display a musical score. Any suggestions are welcome.
Also, I would like as far as possible to avoid the FOSC or Fomus approach, because they’re a bit tricky to install and I am not sure about their ability for real-time rendering.
Basically, I am thinking of sending some midi notes through OSC in order to update the “displayer” (see musicXML or SVG for instance). But before to go further I would like some feedback about your own experience or your own thought about that.

Sounds like your talking about realtime scores / animated notation?

Check out

There are a lot of problems with this approach though, and a whole journal about some of issues here

Personally, I’d recommend you stay away from traditional notation. It inevitably ends up being a sight reading challenge.

Try looking at some of these for other ideas? (A small section of a biblio)

… Literally writing about some of this in my PhD.

Thanks for that. This is exactly what I was looking for.
I am going to study all that.
Inscore seems to be a good approach.