Electroacoustic/experimental/soundscape album from Brazil made with SC

Hey all,

I have just released an electroacoustic/experimental album made almost entirely with SC for sound processing and synthesis. The album is based on processed recordings of soundscapes and found objects, with these recordings being altered in SC.
I would love to hear feedback about the album! (I’m also very open to share SC techniques/code if that would be of interest).

Here’s the album:

Thanks for listening!


Hi @LTotti . I love the album! The article linked from bandcamp was quite informative too. I would love to hear / see more about the SC techniques and code you used, especially on the processing of recordings you did to create the uncertainty of what was recordings and what was synthesis. As I understood the article you used SC for sound design and then Reaper for mixing, right? Did you also use Reaper for preprocessing of recordings before loading to SC?

Hey Håkan, I’m really happy you enjoyed it! Even taking time to read the interview, amazing. As I said in it, it is my first album and it was made quite experimentally, so it truly means a lot that it is getting heard and appreciated.

As soon as things get less busy I can post more about the techniques and code. As for Reaper, I mainly used it for editing/“assembling” and mixing. The only processing done with Reaper was for timesaving and workflow - basic playback rate/reverse, at most some EQing. Also distortion and reverb were added in Reaper, since those came more at the mixing stage and I’m not as versed in their SC possibilities. I’ll post some code soon.

Thank you so much for your support!

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