Email notifications down?

I stopped receiving email updates three days ago
(last one i got was for S.latency post window comment out - #2 by jamshark70)

is it just me?

(Also, i can’t find the right place in my settings just now – is it maybe not shown when browsing from phone?)


I am receiving emails from the forum right now (this doesn’t mean it wasn’t down a few days ago…). I just send you an test email via the forum - if you see it, then either the problem is fixed or it’s something about the way your forum notifications are set up. If you don’t receive it, let me know - I can keep an eye on any bounced mail responses to see if there’s another issue.

Thanks for looking into this, Scott!
I did receive your test email just now.

I havent gotten any other notifications (notably, none about your post that I’m replying to now)

I’ll have another go at the settings (but note i hadn’t changed those since joining two years ago, so sooooomething must have happened three days ago to make them stop coming …)


The Discourse server was updated a few days ago. It’s possible that this resulted in a change to some of the behavior around notification / “watched” threads? It looks like some settings related to mailing list mode were changed - if you were using ML mode, this may have caused the problem? I think I was able to get everything back to the way it was before, but let me know if I can send another test message.

I saw this post on Discourse’s meta-forum: "mailing list mode" mysteriously deactivated - support - Discourse Meta. I think it could be this?

It now appears to work again (this was the first post i got notified about, after the three day break)

I guess it was that ML mode thing @VIRTUALDOG found (thanks!), because iirc that option was not visible to me a couple hours ago, but it’s visible now.

Thanks again, Scott!

There’s an admin panel option to turn it back on, and I think @scztt just did that shortly before I posted. Glad it’s working now! I wonder if this is a problem for everyone else who was using mailing list mode? :S

EDIT: Nope, seems mails are going out now!