Email to forum gateway unreliable

Hi admins,

Not complaining, but a while back someone asked for examples of the email gateway not working.

My email reply to

appears to have been ignored.
I’ve since replied in the forum, but if anyone wants to look into it, let me know


Hey! I checked the logs and it looks like the email was bounced because it was too short - the minimum length I believe is ~20 characters. You should have received an automated response describing the problem with the post.

The min length is set to avoid insubstantial responses - “yes!” and the like. It’s easy to change if there’s consensus that e.g. one word responses should be allowed. I’m pretty neutral on the subject, though I understand the policy as super short / reaction responses can easily be misinterpreted in a forum context (and usually misinterpreted for the worse).

Any thoughts from others about min post length?

Funnily enough, my emailed response to your post, Scott, also seems to have been ignored.
Here’s what I wrote:
Hi Scott!

I did have an issue with a too-short reply a couple weeks back, but I don’t think that was the cause today. I’d written

It’s a bit hidden away in
Edit --> Preferences --> Editor --> Fonts & Colors

There’s a drop-down list there

which isn’t too short, I think. In any case, I received no response whatsoever today.


Should be fixed now. :slightly_smiling_face: