Env exprange vs linexp

Is this a bug? I would expect Env.kr.exprange(outmin, outmax) to behave the same as Env.kr.linexp(0, 1, outmin, outmax), assuming envelope values are between 0 and 1, but this is not the case:

	var env = Env.perc(0.001, 1, 1.0, 0).kr(0, 1);
	var foo = env.exprange(20, 20000); 
	var bar = env.linexp(0, 1, 20, 20000);
	[foo, bar, foo absdif: bar];

Not at computer as the cat has pinned me to the sofa…

I think if you do the .exprange before the .kr it should work, perhaps the issue is that Env knows it’s range, but the output of EnvGen does not (or it assumes the range to be -1,1).

It’s precisely for reasons like this that I never use range or exprange, always linlin and linexp. I don’t trust that UGens have set their ranges correctly.

Yeah that’s it. I had forgotten that I was calling the method on a UGen, not an Env