Eulerroom 25th & 26th of May 2024

I guess this hasn’t posted yet here, but the Toplap livestream concert event Eulerroom takes place next Saturday & Sunday. This one is related to the ICLC 2024 symposium in Shanghai.

The livesteam event has an open policy for signing in for a performance at:

I think previously a lot of TidalCycles users have performed, but why not join in as SC users?

I posted this in the SC Discord as well and I see at least holaglen, Jaxa and pulu joining from the SC community.

I booked a 22.00 CET slot for myself on Saturday. Going to use SC together with pretty dated drum machine E-mu Xtreme Lead-1, so expect a lot of weird pattern manipulations:)

Maybe c u there!



Somehow, I don’t know how, it didn’t register on my mind that ICLC was so close by. I should have attended but just brain flatulated pretty badly.

As it happens, though, I’m live-code jamming tonight at an event in Guangzhou, so… all on the same page, just different locales.

Hope to see some of the video later!


Yea I think the videos should be stored somewhere (probably Toplap site or Youtube or something) and be able to be watched afterwards!

There was actually nice talk about the Algorave scene in Asia in the morning. Renick Bell actually mentioned you and I guess Guanzhou and the art school (or University?) there. Interesting talk and it’s worth watching afterwards as well.

Nice set tonight, @Forces!!

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nice set @Forces !! \o/

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Thanks! <3

Also great set Igor! Really enjoyed the Raster Noto-esque tones.

Enjoyed this event over all. I think I’ll join in more often.

There were quite a few people using SC, which is very nice!

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I was feeling too tired to join this time on Eulerroom but back in february, I did a set using SuperCollider as well. I used it as a way to reconnect with SC after a long hiatus. Performed at an algorave with the same system in april too :smile:

Eulerroom stream:

Grrrnd Zero Algorave:

There is a bit of Python (Sardine) in the second performance but it’s basically SC hidden between layers of software :dotted_line_face:.



Here’s mine as well from Saturday:

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