EuroCollider: Connect SC with Eurorack


A SuperCollider Quark which allows to connect with Eurorack modules

This library allows you to tune an eurorack oscillator so you can sequence it using the SuperCollider pattern class. It also allows you to sync a SuperCollider clock to Eurorack or use a Eurorack clock as clock within SuperCollider.
In the help files it is also described how to use e.g. an LFO from SuperCollider in EuroRack and vice versa.

Only Audiointerfaces which arre DC coupled can output a steady DC offset which is necessary to output frequencies via CV! An incomplete list can be found e.g. here. Focusrite interfaces are not DC coupled! In case you do not have a DC coupled interface you can still send triggers from SuperCollider using this Quark.



Please install sc3-plugins before because we rely on the Tartini pitch tracker for the tuning process.

// install from git repository
// restart sclang so EuroCollider is available
// view help guide for a quick start


Assuming you have booted the server (with enouh I/O) and connected e.g. output #4 (all numbers are starting from 0 in SC!) to the CV in of your oscillator and output #5 to a gate input of e.g. an envelope generator.
By connecting the audio output of the oscillator to input #6 of your soundcard you can now start the tuning process.

e = EuroSynth(soundIn: 6, cvOut: 4, gateOut: 5).tune;

Follow the shown instructions and read the help files or check wiring in case it does not work.
The tuning process should take about 30s.

Playing a sequence

Once tuned we can simply play the tuned eurorack oscillator via a Pbind/Pdef, e.g.

Pdef(\myEuroPattern, Pbind(
    \type, \euro,
    \euro, e,
    \dur, 0.25,
    \scale, Scale.chromatic,
    \degree, Pxrand((0..12), inf),
    \octave, Pseq([5, 4], inf),

This looks exciting. Great work!

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regarding the dc coupled interfaces list : there is the Expert Sleepers ES-9 Eurorack Audio Interface which has 8 CV out and 16 CV in, breakout boxes for further extension are also available

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Amazing! So what kind of cable set up do we need to sync SuperCollider clock with an Eurorack through a Focusrite interface?

You would need a TS 6.35mm to TS 3.5mm cable or use an adapter for this, I use cordial cables for this.

You can also use a 6.35 to 3.5mm mono adapter


There are some instructions in the help files on how to use it w/o an DC coupled interface here [part of the guide when you install it]

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I look forward to trying this! I played with this as well at one point. But took a different path when it came to tuning.