Every recording on a remote server is 88 bytes


I’m trying to record a remote server.

~remote = Server.remote(\remote, NetAddr("localhost", 9999));


When I call record() I get the following in the console:

-> remote
Preparing recording on 'remote'
Recording channels [ 0, 1 ] ... 
path: '/Users/jviet/Music/SuperCollider Recordings/SC_221022_163057.wav'
*** ERROR: SynthDef temp__12 not found
FAILURE IN SERVER /s_new SynthDef not found

I’m currently testing on Mac OSX 12.4 (M1) with SC 3.13.0-dev (since 3.12 has an issue with Server.remote(), discussed elsewhere on the forum)

This method also fails (silently) on Linux (Mint), with the same version of SC. So I tried on a Mac and got some more info in the console, about the SynthDef not found.
Calling record() on Server.local (s) results in an extra synth, seen with s.numSynths.
The remote server never creates an extra synth…

The remote server is created on the same machine with:

./scsynth -u 9999 -l 4

From /Applications/SuperCollider.app/Contents/Resources

So as the title suggests, every recording I start this way results in an empty .wav.
When there isn’t an obvious reason why this fails I’ll create my own recording-SynthDef, but using .record would be convenient.

Any ideas?