Examples in Help: Error?

Hi! I’m Peter from Germany and I am an absolut beginner and try to work with the tutorial and Help.

If I press Ctrl+D on SynthDef I find an example like this:

SynthDef(\help_notRand, { |out|
SinOsc.ar(rrand(400, 800), 0, 0.2) * Line.kr(1, 0, 1, doneAction: Done.freeSelf)
a = Synth(\help_notRand);
b = Synth(\help_notRand); // the same freq as a

Than I evaluate this example, but the post-window shows an error:

ERROR: Command line parse failed
-> nil

What is my mistake?

Greetings and Thanks for helping.

What exactly are you evaluating in what order? You need to evaluate all the text in parentheses, then evaluate each of the following lines separately.

THANK YOU! Now it works, before I have evaluated all.