Explorations in audio synthesis and composition software beyond SuperCollider

That’s the title of James Mc Cartney latest seminar !


Oh, thank you for posting this!

If anyone here knows the man I wish he could be persuaded to share some of these projects ! When he says “I am the user” …

Again, thanks for this, I wasn’t even aware of the SAPF language!

As for the further developments, the functional pipelining language at 27:00 looks interesting – like a functional version of SuperCollider. Or maybe like a fusion of Faust and SuperCollider…
And I like the “immediate mode” user interface paradigm found at 31:00. Also a little bit like in Faust. But with some additional ideas, like an integrated history list, code printing in different languages… The demos look really promosing.

But true, it’s a bit sad that these all seem to remain one man projects – would be very nice to have them open source and being open to contributions from a community. It could grow so much faster that way.

I have yet to watch the Q&A after the talk, I hope someone asks for the source code! (EDIT: No-one does.)

Question from a non-programmer: what is actually the point of all these? Do they offer some kind of extended capabilities that SC doesn’t, from a musical point of view? It all looks super interesting, which I guess is reason enough to do something, but I kinda don’t really see how musical expression could be aided here. Maybe some more experienced programmers can chime in here?

In my understanding, the whole goal is to have an expressive system with :

  • concise syntax to go straight to the point
  • automatic GUI generation to be able to test different values with the GUI
  • unlimited undo/redo and backup so you can quickly remember what you’ve done in the past
  • ability to write DSP algorithms / UGens directly in the language