Exporting synthdefs to vst?

Sorry if this has already been answered but I’ve been trying to find a way to use synths I make as a vst or standalone application without just recording a sample. Basically my plan was to make sounds on sc and use them somewhere else. So if anyone knows some way for windows let me know thanks.

I’m not aware of any effort to make a VST wrapper for SC code. Probably FAUST (free, http://faust.grame.fr/) or Juce (free for limited-revenue use, https://juce.com/) would be better than SC, if the end goal is to make plugins.

SC would be good for prototyping audio and sequencing processes, but its design makes it difficult to integrate into other software. So I use it as the center of my performance rig, but not as a plugin.


…on Mac there is or was an Audio Units wrapper (never tried it myself!)

…and it is possible to build a standalone synth app (I’ve used a bash script to initialized SC to run pieces for installations though this is perhaps not what ur trying to do!)

Faust is very cool though!

Yes, SCAU is definitely worth a look. It’s recently been updated to build on contemporary versions of macOS (I’m using it in Mojave and it plays well with every AU host I have to test it with).

I believe there is/was a way of packaging a SynthDef into a custom build of the audio unit, but imo it’s most useful as a way of running a Server directly inside a daw session and communicating with it from outside.