FAUST with SC combo


I’d just want to know the opinion of SC users who are working with Faust and use both in real time electroacoustic concerts ?

Have you noticed performance or reliability differences / issues compared to Faust with Pd or Faust with Csound ?

I search the host system with the less issues when switching between multiples OS for practical reasons (the musician who play the piece I’d have composed may have Windows or Linux like me but also the latest Mac I dont own.)

Thank you !

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi. Faust works great with SC - I recommend using the development version / installing from source at the moment since the developers have made some essential optimisations to the way ugens are initialized.

There are some instructions here on compiling ugens:

We are working on a live Faust code interpreter for SC as well but it is still early days for that