"filling" keyword in Pfindur help doc

Hi all, today I noticed the second example in the Pfindur help file includes a strange-looking “filling” keyword:

var a, b;
a = Pfindur(5, Pbind(\dur, Prand([1, 2, 0.5, 0.1], 4)), filling: (note: 1920));
x = a.asStream;
9.do({ x.next(Event.default).postln; });

For me, on SC 3.13.0, This example prints in the post window:

WARNING: keyword arg 'filling' not found in call to Meta_Pfindur:new

note: 1920 also looks weird to me (that’s a really high note number). Does anyone know what’s going on here? Is this a holdover from a previous version? Is this example intending to use the “tolerance” keyword instead?

I think that’s a mistake in the current helpfile and might need to be a PR. It seems this is where it came from:

I figured this might be the case, just wanted to be sure. I’ll make a note of this and plan for a PR sometime in the future.