FLAC support in macOS?

What is the current status of FLAC support in macOS?

Yesterday, in my department’s media classroom, I tried to use a granular GUI patch from a few years ago (spring '18, if I recall). The audio source is a FLAC. That was for a class in the same classroom, so, a little timeline:

  • Spring '18, SC 3.8 or 3.9.something: No problem using FLAC. (If it were broken, the patches on my backup drive would use WAV instead.)
  • Fall '19: Upgraded SC in that classroom to 3.10.3.
  • Spring '21 (yesterday), SC 3.10.3: The same patch that had worked three years ago failed to load the FLAC.

… indicating a regression.

I find No native FLAC support for scsynth on OS X · Issue #1783 · supercollider/supercollider · GitHub, which was closed in March 2016 without reference to any PR (so I’m not sure what was done to resolve it – but clearly, something had been done since it was working two years later).

No idea what has changed in the intervening couple of years.

Anyway… that classroom deliberately restricts network access, so in class yesterday, I couldn’t download SC 3.11.2. I can confirm that SC 3.11.2 on Linux handles FLAC properly, but I don’t know about Mac.

Could a Mac user test?


Yes, I’ve tried to load flac file into a buffer, and it works as expected on Mac/3.11.2.

Works for me too: 3.11.1, macos 10.15.6

Ok, good to know – I’ll just upgrade SC on that machine, then.