Flucoma sample code. Where is it?

So I’ve compiled flucoma a while back, and looking at some of the sample code. But anyone have other resources I can look thorugh?



FluCoMa head-quarters here. 2 quick things:

  1. To answer your question first:
    1.1 beginner examples and code snippets and instructions here by the amazing @tedmoore :
    Controlling a Synth using a Neural Network
    Classifying Sounds Using a Neural Network
    2D Corpus Exploring

1.2 more advanced discussions and code sharing on discourse.flucoma.org and many examples are in SC on learn.flucoma.org with thoughts and

1.3 in the distribution folder, some of my dirty more advanced examples have been left - they are my dirty coding so not necessarity good SC but some fun ideas. Again Ted has done some cleaning so when it looks like good SC practice and / or good English language, it is most likely his :slight_smile:

Now, replying to a non-asked question:

  1. why did you compile yourself? The binaries are on most 64 bit OSes, code signed and packed with love. I’m curious if we missed something there.

I hope you enjoy. I’m active on this forum and over there, so feel free to ask either places.



Thanks! I’ve been following on and off, mostly not too closely, the project when it was announced somewhere in 2016 following the wave of the wekinator. Kind of dropped off when there wasn’t enough development, but was delighted with the recentish developments and the tutorials in support of supercollider and pure data. Kind of a pity that everything’s stopped now because the grant has ended.

There’s various reasons for compiling a project. The most immediate one is, some open source projects aren’t compileable straight from the source, and might have tweaks or add ons that somehow aren’t mentioned in the project. Compiling them will surface these issues. Being able to do this prolongs the longevity of the project as opposed to a siloing of build knowledge to a few people, which disappears once the project ends.

thanks. indeed 2 of your comments are interconnected:


We moved from many full-time staff to no staff paid on the project, but tried to make that transparent, compilable, and contributable. Moreover, the code is self-compiling (CI integration) so it allows many levels of involvement (from tutorial, help, CCE-based code and support and examples, mostly on discourse.flucoma.org to C++ hands on via https://develop.flucoma.org/ which has a documentation of the infrastructure and even points of potential improvements.

At the moment, I and a few ex-contributor are slowly pushing forward, fixing bugs (although nothing major has emerged yet, fingers crossed) and I am trying to find creative ways to support a fragile community of users. Any help welcome.

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