FlucomaNoveltyslice - how to get a time/sample estimate of where the slices are?

How do I derive the time hh:mm:ss etc of the where the slice times are ? The output is an audio stream, but I’d like the timing information instead.

FluidNoveltySlice is real-time audio triggers at the nearest hop. You can use the good old SC trick of Sweep (to start the timer) and then

  1. Latch (to sample and hold the position)
  2. SendTrig (to send back that position to the language)

If you are doing this on a buffer, I recommend FluidBufNoveltySlice which will yield a buffer containing indices in sample of where the changes are.

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Yes I’m looking at plotter-1.scd now which shows how to do this, but the sweep/phasor idea did cross my mind.