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Dear all

The Fluid Corpus Manipulation ( project is the radar of some of you, because it keeps cropping up once in a while. To make a long story short, we have various machine listening and learning tools to help tackle programmatically sound bank mining in Max and SuperCollider (and Pd in progress) on MacOS, Windows and Linux with all the code open source…

As part of the project design, we commissioned works to get first users feedback on interface decisions and directions and many other things. You can see who was on the first cohort here (Commissioned Artworks)

Now, in early July we have 8 more pieces coming. We asked all composers to tell us how they (ab)used the tools. You can follow the saga here and I’ll post one per week, which leads us to the gigs. This week, Hans Tutschku explains his approach to polyphonic piano processing, informed by 30 years of practice.

I hope you enjoy!



Dear all

I didn’t want to pollute the forum with updates, but today is the fourth geeky video presentation, and there are 4 more to come. Here is the publication schedule:

18 May: Hans Tutschku
25 May: (yours truly)
1st June: Sam Pluta
8th June: Richard Devine
15th June: Owen Green
22nd June: Alex Harker
29th June: Gerard Roma
6th July: Alice Eldridge

All here:

Gigs are live on the 7th-8th-9th of July, and 2 keynotes on the 10th. I’ll post about them when I have the official link from the festival.

I hope you enjoy! I’ve certainly been inspired by them!

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