Forces - Chimæras

Hello all!

I had a new record released about a month ago on a Slovakian label mappa that I would like to share here as well.

It’s called Chim​​​æ​​​ras and you can find here, (cassette and digital release available at mappa Bandcamp):

I made the record during a six week residency last year at EMS Stockholm and pretty much every track has something do with SuperCollider.

I guess EMS is most famous for the Serge/Buchla modulars but I didn’t feel that much of a need to use those (all though there are few selected jams made with those). I geared towards this pretty neglected rack on wheels called the “90s wagon” that housed all kinds of nice 90s synth modules (rarest of them Evolution Synthesis EVS-1, very unknown FM synth).

I made all kinds of weird MIDI/MIDI CC Pbind patterns for those 90s modules together with just pure SC synthesis (huge thanks to Nathan, for all the DSP inspiration and OddVoices website) + all kinds of VST abuse with Christof Ressi’s plugin.

Back home in Helsinki I started to cut-and-paste those differerent recordings/jams around to form this kind of unexpected cuts and jumps, like different sonic world colliding to each other. One of my friend described as nebulous synthesis and that’s exactly what I was going for.

Thanks so much to the awesome SC community!


Oh helllllllll yeah this is good

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this sounds amazing! Congrats!

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Thanks! <3

Btw, I wonder if there is anybody from Helsinki here but I will be playing algoritmic drum machine Pbindef triggering next Saturday at the Drifts festival in the museum of technology (Drifts Festival - Program)