Frying sound when trying to record with OBS in a Macbook Pro 2021

Hi, I am a TidalCycles player and I am trying to record a livecoding set with OBS in a Macbook Pro 2021. In the Audio MIDI setup I am selecting the Multi-Output Device in order to route sound to OBS and being able to monitor myself, like this:

In SuperCollider, I am setting the device like this:

s.options.sampleRate = 44000;
s.options.outDevice = "Multi-Output Device";

The sound is finally going through and arriving to OBS but after clicking Start Recording I have a few minutes before it starts to break becoming an annoying frying sound.
Any help or advice will be much appreciated!
Thanks to you all, <3 SuperCollider 4ever <3

This is likely due to the clock drift between BlackHole and audio hardware. I think that checking “Drift Correction” on External Headphones might fix this.

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One thing I notice is you have a different sample rate in the server options and in the audio device.


s.options.sampleRate = 48000


Hope that helps!

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