Fzf-sc - A NeoVim plugin for fuzzy searching sc stuff

Hello everyone

A while ago I made this NeoVim plugin. It allows one to fuzzy search through different things in SuperCollider and do something with the search result. Eg fuzzy search scales and preview them, fuzzy search quarks and install/uninstall them, etc.


I updated the plugin today with a breaking change:

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More updates and breaking changes.

All of the commands are now collapsed into :FzfSC with all te finders as subcommands. For example, :FzfSC scales will run the scale finder. You can autocomplete :FzfSC <tab> to see all available ones or run :FzfSC.


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Added a ton of new finders to the plugin.

You can now fuzzy find and fix, enable, disable or free OSCdefs and MIDIdefs

Some info finders were added as well for inspecting SynthDefs you’ve added to post their arguments and default values and the same for the global ControlSpecs.

Run :FzfSC to see the full list

Also added some finders for controlling server stuff like volume, mute, boot, kill, etc.

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The new lua stuff, makes it confusing for me to configure, using init.vim.

lua require'fzf-sc'.setup() if you’re using init.vim

And then later:

“fzf-sc may be configured by supplying a table to the setup function in a lua file:”

May? Which lua file?

:FzfSC …
Error detected while processing function 123_fzfsc_complete:
line 1:
E5108: Error executing lua [string “luaeval()”]:1: loop or previous error loading module ‘fzf-sc.cmd’
stack traceback:
[C]: in function ‘require’
[string “luaeval()”]:1: in main chunk
line 2:
E686: Argument of sort() must be a List
E714: List required

You can wrap the lua code like it’s done here:

Sorry, I don’t use vimscript setups so I don’t document how to do it in my plugins. If you’d like to contribute with corrections or additions to the readme or documentation, please feel free to do so.

As for that error message, it looks strange. Do you have the latest version of scnvim and neovim version 0.5 at least?