Generally recommended supercollider version?

Tidalcycles has an install script for mac os, which currently installs

It doesn’t work well for big sur, and I’d like to update it to the current 3.11.2.

The supercollider download page currently lists three versions, one for mac os 10.10-10.12, one for 10.13-10.15, and one for 11 (big sur).

So I’m wondering how to get the script choosing the same one… I don’t suppose someone already wrote a script to download the right version depending on the OS version?

I’m also wondering whether this is really needed - does the version with the big sur fix run on earlier os versions?

Big Sur was meant as a sort of a pun, meaning Big Surprise… I’m wondering…

Let us know if you were ever able to get the script you were after…

I don’t own a mac unfortunately, so if I’m able to find out how to do it I don’t really have a way to test it.

I’ve never used tidalcycles, but it looks like there is a direct link in the script to the download zip (for SC and for the plugins - lines 258 and 269 I think) - I’d try replacing both with direct links to 3.11 big sur download and 3.11 plugins and see what happens.

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@MarcinP Thanks, I’ll give it a go. But this makes me wonder, if that version works for everyone, perhaps it would be better to just have that one download for Mac people on the download page?