Generative Ambient

My first thing ever with Supercollider!

All synthesis is done in SC, modulation and sequencing done in openFrameworks.

hope you like it!


Nice! Sounds great!

Out of curiosity, what was OF’s role?

Thanks Jordan!
it’s being such a trip to navigate around the whole SC ecosystem… enjoying with all its sonic possibilities and the big amount of knowledge spreaded on the internet.

OF is responsible of modulating synthdef parameters through banks of LFOs, noise and envelope generators.
We’ve been working with this “LFO modulation framework” -called OceaNode- for some years now, and we use it to create light and sound installations ( We also built a GUI where you can visually patch the signal flows.

I used to make the sound engines for this installations on Max/MSP or Reaktor, receiving the arrays of LFOs through OSC.
But recently we added ofxSuperCollider to OceaNode and i’ve been crazy this last weeks making synthdefs, which can be loaded as new visual nodes into OceaNodes, and its parameters modulated with the banks of LFOs.

so, in summary… having the best psychedelic time in this landscapes of sound synthesis and slow oscillation

(and there’s just a new one:

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The Flickr pics are mesmerizing! : )

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that’s actually the project that is getting me into SuperCollider… i need to sonify luminance of every single pixel on there…

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