Get list of all synthdef [RESOLVED]

I dont know why, but

does not give the synthdefs that I have compiled

You have to explicitly call SynthDescLib:read to read the SynthDesc information from disk. If you do and then browse, you’ll see your SynthDefs.
This feels somewhat wrong? I would expect it would read automatically on startup.

does not work for me ? (paths are correct)

SynthDescLib:read is not documented, but looking at the source shows that the “path” argument specifies synthdef file name (or names using wildcards), not a directory. But the default is to read all synthdefs in synthdefDir, so either of the following works:; ++ "*.scsyndef").browse;
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oh great !
To close definitly the post,

I just came out with
PathName(SynthDef.synthDefDir).files.collect( _.fileNameWithoutExtension)
Except for the SynthDescLib is there other solutions to my problem ?