Getting 'failed to start' error?

I’m not sure what I must be doing wrong, but something is up with my server. When I try to run a block of code or just boot/reboot my server, I am returned: ERROR: server failed to start.

I tried to run ‘killall scsynth’ but that did nothing. Do you guys have any suggestions or input for how I can fix this situation?

Much appreciated!

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Maybe try to share to us the whole post window content from when you start your IDE and try to start the server. There is probably some error which can help find what is the problem

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Thanks for your reply mate! I don’t know what happened, but my server started running and working randomly. If something breaks again and throws the same error, I’ll come straight here and share a screenshot. Thank you so much for stepping up and trying to help!

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