Getting or setting a ScIDE document's colors

In the help for Document a set of methods for setting the appearance of a document are mentioned. Those however does not seem to exist. What happened here? Try for example this (from the help file):

Document.listener.background =;    //a special color for post document
Document.listener.bounds = Rect(1, 461, 620, 567);    //move and resize post document
Document.initAction = {|doc|            //function to run for every new document
    doc.background = Color.grey(0.1, 0.9);
    doc.bounds = Rect(0, 119, 1280, 659);
    doc.selectedBackground = Color(0.4, 0.05, 0.18);
    doc.stringColor = Color.grey(0.9);

Is there a way to get or set these things from within the code?

Should be deleted from the help.

You can change the color theme in IDE preferences but it isn’t supported to do it in code.