Getting started?

I come from a background of Python and recently got interested in SC as a way to combine my love for coding with that of music. Should I start by learning C as a programming language?

Thing is, I have no idea where to start. Looking for books, videos, any tutorial you can throw my way.

Hi and welcome,

I don’t think so.

I’d recommend to start with the general tutorials that are already included in SCDoc: β†’ Browse β†’ Tutorials β†’ Getting-Started, also the one by Mark Polishook and the Practical Guide for Patterns by James Harkins.

This one is also nice, SC starting with Patterns:

The YT-Tutorials by Eli Fieldsteel are also quite popular. The SuperCollider Book contains a lot of useful information, but I’d start with the mentioned resources first, along with snooping help files, understanding and altering their examples etc.

Hope that helps



Lucas just posted on the mailing list a few days ago:

I want to share this project (here in the list too) that is a translation of the supercollider class library to python. It can be useful to have a minimal installation of the client with all the good functionality of sclang and use with other available libraries, I try to keep it lean. It’s still in alpha but if you like it you can report issues or participate. There is some very basic documentation in the readme and in readthedocs to get started but knowledge of sclang is recommended.

SC programming design implemented in Python.

So maybe you can just keep using Python.


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Thank you James, really appreciated.

Resource wise it may be easier to learn sc in sclang, then you can move to some code to python to try it. I use ipython or a notebook for interactive programming (maybe it prints some log outside the correct box because the logger is configured to be asynchronous). I will soon or later add the documentation so it can be seen from python but it takes time and I have to resolve some format considerations.

Mads put this together. It’s awesome: