Graphic tablet input

I was wondering if there is any way of using a graphic tablet (wacom intuos pro smth) as input device in Supercollider. Seems like there once have been functions for that in something called cocoa gui (which has been mac exclusive and hasn’t been in sc for a couple of years). So I was wondering: is there some way to not only use X and Y coordinates (which just works via MouseX/Y) but also the pressure/tilt?

Also for the unlikely case that someone has some expertise on that topic: Do you accidently know if it is possible to configure a wacom tablet so that touchinput is treated like peninput is (meaning it is not continuously sliding, but instead the surface of the tablet is precisely mapped to the display, meaning that if you lift your finger and lets say put it down again in the upper left cornor the mouse jumps to the upper left cornor of the screen)

Thanks a lot in advance!

PS: I’m on Supercollider 3.11 currently

WACOM tablets should show up as HID devices, at least on Mac. Take a look at the “Working with HID” help file to get started - to be honest, getting this set up can require a bit of investigation, but it is possible! If you see your WACOM when you do HID.findAvailable / HID.postAvailable then you should be on the right track!

If you get a basic WACOM setup working, please post the code so others can see how you did it.

If the stock HID interface in SC is not doing the job, you can try OSCulator. It supports Wacoms, not sure for your exact model. It costs 20 bucks. Eli Fieldsteel has a nice tuto on youtube that shows how to use it with Wiimote, should be similar with Wacom.

Thanks a lot scztt & Benu. I’ll first try to get the input running using the stock HID device. I’m going to pot an update as soon as I make some progress. I’m rather a novice in SC, so I might ask some questions too if I bump into something I can’t figure out for my self.