Group Volume display

Hey everyone, I gotta ask this, is there a way to access(display ) the volume from a group ?

I explain i have multiple signals who go through a final group, this is not for mixing but using the volume value to adjust a dynamic Eq on percussions.

I know the option remain to make an extra synth but maybe is there a built in solution? I am not really familiar with groups…(even though I use them all the time haha)

thanks heaps =)

Extra synth at the end of the chain is the solution, I believe.

thanks, i ended changing my last gate synth where all signals pass to add an extra routed to the Eq synth

I’m not sure if it’s precisely what you’re looking for, but… I do all my signal routing through MixerChannel (I forget if the quark is named ddwMixer or ddwMixerChannel, I think the former).

It automatically manages groups, buses and execution order between mixers, keeps source and effect synths separate, and offers post-fader and pre-fader sends. The design is basically unchanged since 2005 (which means it’s stable, mature, and has handled everything I’ve thrown at it for over 15 years).

If I understand your use case, I’d have an effect synth on the percussion channel with a control input for what you’re calling “volume.” If I then map that to a GenericGlobalControl (ddwCommon quark), then I can stick a GUI for the GGC object into pretty much any GUI context.

I’m not totally clear what your “dynamic EQ” is doing, so I could be off base. Just mentioning that there’s at least one framework to make group/bus management about as close to painless as I can imagine.


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dynamic Eq is a concept from FabFilter Pro Q it allows sidechaining 2 different Eq( from different channels) with one to control the compression of a frequency band of the other one,

very handy to avoid overload with some frequency ranges

thanks James I will try the mixer